Martha Casanave

Explorations Through a Fabricated Microscope:
A Compendium of Tears

2016 - Present

This work was inspired by 19th century photomicrography. Below are two examples.
On the right is Charles Dodgson's (Lewis Carroll's) portrait of his aunt with a microscope done in 1859.

Left: collecting tears in tiny glass vials.

Right: transferring tear to microscope slide.

The 2018 versions of these images are 16"x16" salted paper prints:


Large Cliché Verre Images

2012 -

- 25"x30"

- 25"x30"

2012 - 30"x25"

2016 - 25"x30"

2016 - 25"x30"

Chemigrams 2018 - Present




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