Martha Casanave

(work in progress 2010)

My current work, portraits of friends, acquaintances and some strangers, are albumen contact prints from 5x7 negatives made in a 100 year old camera.

Prospective sitters: The portrait session will be arranged by appointment. You are welcome to bring a friend. The sitting will cost you nothing. On the contrary, you will receive 1-2 hand-crafted albumen prints in compensation for your time. You will be asked to sign a model release for artistic (not commercial) use of your portrait(s). References available upon request.

Chris Patton

Anthony  Anthony
Chayo Fuentes  Chayo Fuentes
Edie Ellis
David Cushing Fuess
Jessica Diaz
Brigit & Michele   Michele & Brigit
Andy Miller
Jill Baker
David Myrick
Chantal Thompson  Chantal Thompson
Jared Rogers
Precious Hopkins
Sharon Garber
Katy Pieracci  Katy Pieracci


Other portrait projects have included “The Third Wave” (1977 – 1982): environmental portraits and interviews of emigrants from the Soviet Union; portraits of People in Photography (1978 – 1983), including Ansel Adams, Leo Castelli, Cornell Capa, Ralph Gibson, Eikoh Hosoe, Ben Maddow, Mary Ellen Mark, Arnold Newman, John Szarkowski, Brett Weston, Lee Witkin, and others; Portraits of Israeli Women Activists (1990), made possible by the Koret Israel Prize, and consisting of environmental portraits and interviews in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Safed with women active in politics, art, music, education and social services; and an ongoing series of portraits of people over a long period of time.

Amanda & Natasha, Carmel, 1998

Amanda & Natasha, Carmel, 2007

Annetta, Carmel

Ansel Adams, Carmel Highlands, 1978

Amy & Katie, Pacific Grove, 1981

Amy & Katie, Pacific Grove

Barbara Maya, Monterey

Brett Weston, Carmel Valley, 1978

Joseph Brodsky, New York, 1981

Hagar Rouvlev, Jerusalem, 1990

Eduard Bersudskii and Alevtina Voronova, Leningrad, 1984

John Szarkowski, New York, 1978

Leo Castelli, New York, 1978

Self portrait w/ Ansel Adams, Carmel Highlands, 1981

Myles & Rhonda, Carmel, 1982
Masha & Lusya
Masha & Lusya, Pacific Grove, 1980

Katya, Lusya, Masha, & Garik, Pacific Grove, 2007

Susan & David, Pacific Grove, 1995
The Fincks
The Fincks, New Jersey, 2003
The Waites
The Waites, Coupville, WA, 2007
The Altmans
The Altmans, Vancouver, WA, 2007


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